SHAG week (Sexual Health Advice and Guidance week) is a popular campaign held at the start of Epiphany term. As well as being great fun, it is important due to it's role in raising awareness of sexual health. Highlights include a themed formal, C-card sign-up, and a multitude of free sexual health supplies available at regular drop ins hours and at one-off café and library drop-ins!

Mental Health Campaign

Another popular and important campaign which gets people talking about all aspects of mental health, through events such as mental health talks, blog posts, free treat deliveries, mindfulness colouring sheets and "welfare walks".


A campaign with the aim of getting students to think about getting home safely at night with their 'Wolfpack', accompanied by a themed formal!

12 Days of Welfmas 

This campaign comes at the end of Michaelmas term just before Christmas to help everyone get through the final week of term and any deadlines they may have! During this week, a different welfare supply is given out in a Santa sack at mealtimes, café supply drops and daytime tea and toast are run, as well as a Christmas card delivery service.


Worksmart runs over the exam period and includes stress-busting events such as boxing sessions, yoga, poster painting, smoothies, daytime tea and toast and a visit from the very popular Pets as Therapy cats and dogs!

Body Confidence Campaign

A new initiative as of last year, the Welfare team worked with Hatfield Intersectional Feminist Society to tackle issues of body image through inspirational posters of students, meditation sessions, blog posts surrounding body image and eating disorders, and even having the lion mascot giving out sweets, tea and free hugs at the library!

Men's Mental Health Campaign

A new campaign for Hatfield this year in which we will be aiming to tackle issues and stigma men face surrounding communicating about their mental health and seeking help for any issues they may have.