The day-to-day activities of the JCR are overseen by the Executive Committee (Exec), made up of ten members elected in Epiphany term. In addition to their individual roles, they are collectively responsible for representing the views of the JCR to the college and university and working to improve college life. Please feel free to get in touch with any of them if you have concerns or suggestions! The Exec Room is located on the ground floor of C Stairs next to the ISM Room - you are more than welcome to stop by for a chat if you see them working in college.

Senior Man - Chloe Sweetland |


I’m Chloe, this year’s Senior Man (confusing I know!) and I oversee the JCR Exec and am responsible for the efficient management of the JCR’s business. I also represent the views of the JCR to the college officers and act as Hatfield’s representative at various university committees and meetings.

Vice President (Discipline) - Dominic Berry |


Hey, I'm Dom and my role is Vice President (Discipline). My main role that you will probably see me do is representing the student body at disciplinary matters, whether that be noise complaints or being rowdy at formal. I am here to represent the student view so if you do ever find yourself in a disciplinary, feel free to send me a message if you have questions on the process, likely outcome or if you want to tell me if a report concerning you didn't accurately represent the situation. My other roles are to deputise the Senior Man and to help them wherever possible/necessary, as well as making sure the JCR executive committee are fulfilling their roles and manifesto points.

Welfare Officer - Kathryn Rogers |

Hey! I'm Kathryn and I'm the Welfare Officer. In my role, I act as the first port of call for students accessing student-led welfare support. I hold executive committee responsibilities, as well as leading a team of 20-ish senior and junior reps with the Assistant Welfare Office. We help plan and deliver student welfare related campaigns, hold welfare hours, and oversee livers-out too. If you've got any questions about my role and how it impacts your experience at Hatfield, drop me an email.

JCR Treasurer - Nelly Kaidan |

Hey, Nelly here, your loving JCR Treasurer and your first point of contact for scholarships, bursaries and reimbursements. I pay for all of the events that go on in college and help to get the most out of your JCR Levy. You’ll see me on the Hatfield JCR group advertising my weekly Treasury hours with some dank memes/cat pictures so please come and keep me company if you have any questions or queries about anything money related in college!

Facilities Officer - Tom Scott |

Hi, I’m Tom, the JCR Facilities Officer. So what are the JCR’s Facilities? In contrast to what I am constantly asked, no I do not manage the college toilets! I look after the gym, common room, bar, tech and have a say over the college’s food provision. The role ranges from 2am calls regarding printer ink to thinking long term about how college facilities are created, adapted and improved. If anyone wants to join me on this fun filled odyssey, please apply for one of my junior positions or email me.

Communities Officer - Emily Shailer |

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m your Communities Officer for this year. My role involves going to Durham Student Union’s assemblies on behalf of Hatfield, representing minority groups on the Exec and, my personal favourite, organising the Hatfield University Challenge team! There’s plenty of opportunity to be on the Communities team, with positions available for LGBTQ+, People of Colour, Mature, Disabilities, Feminist, International and the Durham Student’s Union. Make sure you apply and get your voice heard!

Sports and Societies Officer - Lauren Newbould |

Hi, I'm Lauren. As Sports and Societies Officer, I oversee all clubs within Hatfield, and liaise with Maiden Castle (the main sports site at Durham University). With the help of two Junior Reps, we organise Hatfield vs Castle Challenge Day, the inter-college Festival of Sport and Rugby X. We're the ones to contact if you'd like to set up a new society or sports group within college, and have recently created the @team_hatfield Instagram, which will show weekly updates on fixtures and events. If you every have any suggestions or queries, just message me.

Events Officer - Sam Goring |

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m the current Events Officer. As a member of the exec my job is to run, amongst other things; post formal entertainment, Michaelmas Ball, and Hatfield Day. My fantastic team of ents reps help make the magic happen – they do everything from creating decorations or booking bands to advertising events. Get yourself over to the Hatfield Events page on Facebook where you can see all the social events we’re putting on in college. It would be rude not to…

JCR Secretary - Dom Cornfield |

Hi, I’m Dom (the other one…!) and I am the JCR Secretary. You’ll regularly see me in college either during formal sign-ups, organising and handing out stash or even just for college brunch! I also manage all of the JCR social media outlets so will likely be popping up in your notifications and email boxes too with the weekly JCR email. Anyone can submit news to the JCR email so if you have something of note you wish to promote for the coming week, send it to my already full inbox! If you are interested in helping me out, feel free to apply for one of the junior social media roles in the first term; any questions, feel free to email me anytime.

JCR Chair - Jasmine Mansfield |

Hiya! I'm Jasmine and I'm the Chair of this year's JCR Exec! If you don't know me as the girl who spams your news feed, you'll probably recognise me as the host of OGMs and AGMs! I organise and run meetings both for the exec and the whole JCR. On all issues, I have to remain impartial and therefore can't vote, so I am a fair mediator! I also help to keep the standing orders up to date.