As a college, Hatfield consists of three separate Common Rooms. All undergraduate students are members of the Junior Common Room (the JCR), which is by far the most numerous group in the college community. However, there are also a thriving Middle and Senior Common Room.

The Senior Common Room (SCR)

The Hatfield SCR comprises all four College Officers, the Mentors and other very important people. They are all dedicated to Hatfield and many of them have been part of the College in some way for decades. 

More information about the SCR can be found here.

The Middle Common Room (MCR)

The Hatfield MCR comprises postgraduates studying for PGCE, Masters and PhD degrees in a variety of disciplines and of many nationalities. The MCR is continually looking to reinforce links with the JCR through joint events and activities.

More informaiton about the MCR can be found here.

College Officers

These are the people who hold executive power in the College. They run the main administration of the College, and especially student welfare. Many of them will have been involved in getting you here. The most important thing to remember is that they exist to help you make the most of your time here.

Master: Ann MacLarnon
Professor MacLarnon is Hatfield's first female master and is new to the college, having joined in September 2017. She is a Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology.
Her secretary in College is Janet Raine (0191 334 2601 or email:

Vice-Master and Senior Tutor: Anthony Bash
Anthony Bash’s responsibilities are student welfare, particularly overseeing the mentoring system and the College’s SHAPED programme (‘SHAPED’ stands for ‘Supporting Hatfield’ Academic Progress, future Employability and personal Development’). Anthony is also an Honorary Professor in the department of Theology and Religion.

Assistant Senior Tutor: Ellen Crabtree
Dr Ellen Crabtree is primarily responsible for undergraduate student welfare, assisting with financial support and the College’s large community of postgraduate Part-Time Distance Learners. Ellen is an Honorary Fellow in the History Department.

The Bursar: Michelle Crawford
Michelle is responsible for ensuring that the College buildings, grounds, facilities and services come up to scratch.