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Happy New Year! 2019 Roundup

Leah, a Hatfield Fresher, rounds up her 2019 as New Year celebrations are in their full swing! “It’s been an INSANE year, possibly the craziest one of my life so far. There have been ups and downs with my life and it seems like I haven’t stopped this year, so many new adventures have started!”

Hatfield Feminist Committee: #AllOneHatfield

#AllOneHatfield has never been so active; Madeleine Strom, Co-President of the Hatfield Feminist Committee, tell us more about the newly ratified Hatfield Society, aimed to discuss & learn about Feminism in all aspects!

The Chapel Choir of Hatfield College's tour to Lake Como

The Chapel Choir of Hatfield College tell us about their Music Tour to lake Como over the summer.

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