For any reimbursement or invoice, it will be processed on Wednesday afternoon by the Treasurer, to be authorised by the Senior Man, and from there will be completed within three working days.

To apply for a reimbursement, you will need to fill in the reimbursement form and send a proof of purchase to, if it is for an event then the VAT registration should be included in the receipt where possible.

No email with the receipt or invoice should be sent without cc-ing an authority member from your event committee / society / JCR team. If you yourself are an authority figure, you should still cc someone else who is also an authority figure. Authority figures include club captains, treasurers, senior reps and the executive committee if you work in one of their teams.

Urgent Payments

If a payment is urgent then there are several ways to make sure it is paid as quickly as possible. The first being to pay it yourself, or to get someone else involved in the event or society to pay it and get it reimbursed. All JCR payments will take at least three working days so if it is a same/next day payment this will be the most efficient way. If the payment is too large to be paid by a JCR member, get in contact with the current Senior Man, Kathryn Rogers, with the subject title, "URGENT JCR PAYMENT" and she will work with you to get the payment completed as soon as possible.