SHAPED (Supporting Hatfielders' Academic Progress, Employability and Development) is a personal development programme run by students, for students and supported by the college. This programme is unique to Hatfield. It involves a wide range of talks, discussions and networking opportunities covering academia, extra-curricular, student-life and employability. 
If you look closely, you'll find SHAPED Events are advertised everywhere, from our weekly emails, to our Facebook page and even your SHAPED Diary! Join the Facebook Group to get access to opportunities and upcoming talks. Also, check out our website here!
You can also access information on SHAPED through DUO, by clicking on 'Hatfield SHAPED Programme' under 'My College' from your DUO homepage.

SHAPED Executive Committee 2018/19


Zhen Wei Chew

Lions and Careers Co-ordinators:

Quinn Higgins

Jonathan Birkett

Academic Representative:

Joyce Wu

Communications Officer:

Patricia Hu

Development Officer:

Christina Dahl Andersen
The entire SHAPED Exec want to hear from you, any questions or queries welcome. Drop any of us an email or come up to us! Every week we meet to coordinate events and make them better for you. We'd love to know what you think - positive as well as negative! You can get in touch at
SHAPED Junior Reps

You may apply to become a SHAPED Junior Rep for 2018/19 if you want to help promote SHAPED events and develop the SHAPED programme. Four SHAPED Junior Rep positions are available with each responsible for targeting either Freshers, International Students, Livers-Out or members of the MCR. Look out in the weekly SHAPED emails during Michaelmas for application details!

The Hatfield Lions

The Hatfield Lions are a network of Hatfield alumni who are happy to be contacted by current students to discuss how their careers have developed and how they have reached their current positions. The Lions (and recent graduates known as Cubs) often return to Hatfield for the Association Formal, Lions Buffet Networking Lunch or simply to give a SHAPED talk on their career.
To access the Hatfield Lions' Network
    1    Log in to DUO
    2    Under 'My College', click 'The Lions Network'
    3    From the left, select the sector or topic you are interested in for a list of Hatfield Lions happy to give you advice on that sector or topic
    4    If you find a suitable contact, send him/her an email to get in touch, remembering to introduce yourself and be curteous
    5    For a collection of useful careers websites or a link to the SHAPED page on DUO, scroll further down and click on USEFUL LINKS or SHAPED on the left
The College Officers and SHAPED Exec will be working throughout the year to improve the Hatfield Lions' Network.

Hatfield Award 

The Hatfield Award for Personal Development is an award for which all students in the college may apply. The Award aims to help students reflect on what they have achieved in their time in Durham and how they have developed personally as a result of those acheivements.
The Award may be completed in a single year or over any duration within your degree at Durhan, as you so wish.
To receive the Award, you must show evidence of involvement in at least three of the following five categories:
    •    College Life: Any involvement in College (eg SHAPED activities, sport, the arts, repping Open Days, etc)
    •    College as a Scholarly Community: Committment to or participation in Colelge as a Scholarly Community (eg attending academically-focused SHAPED talks)
    •    Community Engagement and Outreach: Engaging with the wider University community and the community external to the University (eg DUCK, SCA, outreach to schools)
    •    University Life: Participating in the wider life of the University through non-College activities (eg sport, the arts, volunteering)
    •    Development of Academic Skills: Attending SHAPED workshops on key academic skills (eg presentation skills, speed reading)
To apply:
    •    Briefly explain how you have been involved in at least three of these five categories (eg what sessions or lectures you have attended, how often you have attended them, what you do at each sessions)
    •    Write approximately 250 words on how the activities together have contributed to your personal development
    •    Send an electronic copy of the above to the Hatfield Senior Tutor at before the announced deadline
An Awards Dinner for Awardees will be held in Easter Term after the examination period.

SHAPED Champion Award

The Award of SHAPED Champion is awarded to students who have regularly attended SHAPED Events throughout the year.
You do not need to apply to receive this Award. Simply remember to write your name on the register when you attend a SHAPED Event and the SHAPED Exec will contact you towards the end of the academic year.