Bar & Café

The Hatfield Bar, sometimes referred to as ‘The Lion’s Den’ or ‘The Burt Room', is the heart of college. It’s home to cheap drinks and is welcome to all, so much so that many Hatfielders find themselves in it more often than not!

Many people gather here after formals for college songs, and you often get large groups of people singing songs around the Sessions table while on a social.

Having been recently renovated, the bar is undoubtedly the best in the University for the 2018/19 academic year.

We are also very pleased to have a new café and study space that operates in the bar during the daytime. This facility, like the bar, is completely student run and offers cheap hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks to help you study!

No matter the time of day, the bar always has the best atmosphere!

Pace Kitchen

This communal kitchen is often home to many amateur chefs and bakers who want to take a break from the outside world. Any Hatfielder can use the kitchen to cook or bake whenever they like, and the space can even be booked for use if you want to hold a baking party!


Hatfield is home to a couple of the finest gyms in Durham, and are the cause of much envy on behalf of the other colleges. The Timpson Gym is packed with treadmills and bikes where you can really build up your fitness, and the Rosewood Gym is home to a huge variety of machines and free weights that will help build up muscle.

So get down to the gym whenever you can and start living that healthy lifestyle, just don’t forget your gym buddy!

TV Room

If you ever want to break away from the stress of conversation, the TV room is open 24/7 so you can head down and just zonk out to a film. It’s home to some of the comfiest sofas on the planet and is a great space just to relax and catch up on your Doctor Who, Love Island, or Eastenders.

In the past the TV room has been very popular when The Great British Bake Off is on, with large groups of people getting together to eat cakes and stare longingly into Paul Hollywood’s eyes.

Music Room

Are you musically inclined? Whether you are a world class professional musician or a humble beginner, the music room is open to your use. You can book the space for a practice simply by writing your name on a piece of paper!

Home to a drum kit, a piano, a few keyboards, and some guitars to name a few of the things on offer, you can be sure that you can start that university band of your dreams right here in Hatfield.

Computer Room

If you need to get some work done and your laptop just isn’t cutting it you can always use one of the university’s computers – they’re brand new!

This room is open 24/7 so is perfect for those summatives that you definitely did weeks before the deadline…


You’ll never guess what they keep in this room – books! Hatfield Library is easily one of the most well stocked in the University, and better yet if they don’t have the book you’re looking for you can request that the Hatfield Trust add it to the collection.

As you can imagine, pretty much everyone studying needs to grab a book at some point so the library being available 24/7 right on your doorstep is a life-saver!

Reading Rooms

Finally, there are a couple of rooms in college dedicated just for work (I know, how boring!). These rooms are filled with isolated desks so you can really knuckle down when exam season rolls in, and yes they are of course open 24/7.


If you see any problems with any of Hatfield's facilities or wish to provide feedback or new ideas, please contact the Facilities Officer, Tom Scott.