Hatfield Association

In a college as old as ours, there are many students who have gone before! The Hatfield Association has a membership of over 4000 Hatfielders, with each graduating student automatically becoming a member when they leave.
The Association aims to further the educaiton and welfare of the college and performs a vital function in maintaining links with our alumni, many of whom have gone on to great things. It is often said 'Once a Hatfielder, always a Hatfielder' and the Association helps to keep the sense of belonging long after you leave the gates as a student for the last time.
On top of regional activities, the Association holds an annual reunion and published the Hatfield Record, an annual account of current Hatfileld life which is sent to all members and current students.
For more information about the Association, please contact the current Assistant Secretary, Mrs Cynthia Connolly, or check out the Hatfield Association website. 

Hatfield Trust

The Hatfield Trust build up financial support for the college through a network of alumni, parent members and friends. Money raised by the trust is spent on a huge variety of things to benefit the college and its members.
The JCR is a major beneficiary of the funding, as the Trut supports our clubs and societies, co-sponsors travel awards from the JCR and helps fund events.
The Trust also contributes to major works in college, such as helping to fund the redevelopment of the centraltennis and netball court. With this backing, and so much more, Hatfielders have fantastic facilities to enjoy and all the support they need to make their time in Hatfield the best it can possibly be.
More information about the Trust can be found here or by contacting its Director, Mr Ian Curry