Hatfield Association

In a college as old as ours, there are many students who have gone before! The Hatfield Association has a membership of thousands of Hatfielders, and if you have not already joined you could be one of them!

Here to support all Hatfielders, both in College and beyond.

Hatfield has a wide network of alumni and many are keen to stay involved and give back.

Wondering how to get that dream job? Why not ask someone who’s got it!

The Association works hard to bring generations of Hatfielders together so that we can share tips, offer advice and simply marvel in how wonderful Hatfield really is!

Our aim

Our aim is to ensure we have a strong, active and engaged network of Hatfield alumni (graduates), to facilitate and build strong relationships with the College and to support its educational and welfare aims.

To this end the Hatfield Association plays an active role in:

  • organising annual reunions;
  • helping to connect members through regular updates and publications;
  • offering career advice for students through a partnership with SHAPED;
  • supporting the outreach programme for schools; and
  • playing an active role in all three common rooms supporting College development.

Our membership

Our membership consists of thousands of Hatfielders, but we are always keen to connect with more!

On accepting membership of Hatfield College as either an undergraduate or postgraduate student you are eligible to join the Hatfield Association by signing up and paying the lifetime subscription fee. If you did not join and pay your subscription when you first arrived at Hatfield but wish to join now we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you would like to read the latest version of our annual publication, the Hatfield Record, to receive updates about our work and invitations to events, then, once you are a member of Hatfield Association, please register for access to Hatfield Association’s own website.

Getting in touch

If you would like to find out more or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Keep in touch - Don’t let go!

Finally, once you have completed your university studies in Durham be sure to stay in contact with Hatfield after you have moved on from college by attending our reunions, keeping in touch with us or by visiting us in Durham again.

You can also find out about Reunions & Events on the college website and, once you have joined the Hatfield Association by paying the subscription fee by registering for the Hatfield Association website.

You can also connect with us across our social media channels:

Hatfield Trust


The Hatfield Trust was established in 1987. The main aim of the Trust is to build up financial support for the College community which is not available from other sources and it looks for help from alumni, parent members and friends to accomplish this. Already an endowment fund has been built up, the interest from which contributes towards prizes, bursaries and equipment and encourages students in their work, sports and initiatives.

The Trust supports current students in a number of ways, though the following strategic aims:

  • Nurturing student development through supporting student activities such as internships, engagement in national and international evets, volunteering, individual training and development projects;
  • Developing college facilities and grounds to provide excellent spaces and equipment, and support students in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including sport, exercise, music and theatre;
  • Supporting an inclusive community through enabling students from all backgrounds to engage in core Hatfield experiences such as joining the JCR, participating in clubs and societies, and going to the Lion in Winter Ball; and
  • Hardship funds are available to support students to overcome a difficult period, or when their circumstances change unexpectedly.

With the backing from the Hatfield Trust, and more, Hatfielders have fantastic facilities to enjoy and all the support they need to make their time in Hatfield the best it can possibly be.

More information about the Trust can be found here.

For a full list of scholarships, prizes and bursaries available please visit the College Bursaries & Scholarships page.