• Try Something New!

  • Tips, Tricks and Expectations

    It’s fair to say that when I first came to Durham and to Hatfield I had no idea what to expect. There were some things though, which were more predictable than others. In this blog post I’m going to have a light-hearted look back upon the things I couldn’t have expected from my first year, and what I would have said to myself at the start of the year…

  • Sharing a Room

  • Finding the Balance

  • Kinky Jeff

    The highlights of being in the band are always the gigs. As well as the music itself you nearly always get free tickets to the event included. For example, last year we got booked for the Champagne Society Ball and also the Castle June Ball.

  • LGBTQ+

    Durham’s LGBTQ+ landscape is changing; in my second year, records were smashed for participation in university LGBTQ+ events, and with ever more representation within the Student’s Union, the LGBTQ+ community is being heard. If you ever feel like you need anything as an LGBTQ+ identifying student, then there are the Hatfield LGBTQ reps, the Durham LGBTQ association who also run welfare hours and there is even me – all of us waiting and wanting to meet and help anyone who are part of the LGBTQ community.

  • Being a Hatfielder: Traditions and Hatfield Day

    Hatfield is truly a wonderful community, it provides all types of people with countless opportunities, wonderful support and fantastic societies. The community is unique, warm and welcoming, and if you get the change to be a Hatfielder, take that chance. 

  • What to expect during fresher’s, with some advice from my experience.

    I had my problems during fresher’s week and first impressions do have a huge impact, but it is just a week and not the end of the world if you don’t have an amazing time. I don’t think I spoke to a single frep during fresher’s week, but if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask anyone of us, we’re there to help you have a great time and settle into life at Hatfield. Of course, I hope you do have a great time and end up loving Hatfield as much as I do. 

  • Junior Ents

    One of my favourite parts of the role was the variety of it all, and should you choose to apply, you will find yourself doing everything from spending weeks planning bigger events such as the annual Michaelmas Ball, to spending your time decorating the bar for smaller events or themed formals, such as Halloween and Halfway Hall.

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