JCR Meeting

Held in the Bar, these informal meetings are crucial to the running of the JCR, but just as important, they are great fun! A good balance between light-hearted entertainment (from the term’s embarrassing stories to on-stage challenges) and letting you guys know what is changing in your college; we, the Exec, will tell you what we have been up to on your behalf and what we will be doing over the coming weeks. This is also your chance to question us on topics that you feel are important for the JCR, and to show us what you want as a college, while perhaps taking part in some of the joviality too. Feel free to get in touch with the JCR Chair, Georgie Burford-Taylor, if you have any questions about JCR Meetings. 


Formals are more than just good food and table service-held twice weekly during Michaelmas term and once weekly for the rest of the yaer, formals are a great chance for the JCR to come together over a meal and in the bar afterwards. There are many traditions surrounding formal (spooning, Latin Grace, bowing out), which culminate in a racuous singing of the College Songs in the bar led by the Keeper of the Cane. Soft drinks in the bar are free after a meal, and the spirited atmosphere makes it a great time to head down and join the crowd, even if you weren't on formal itself. 

Bar Quiz

Bar quizzes are run by Hatfield’s clubs and societies, and take place in the college bar. The arrangements vary according to the organiser, but normally they cost £1 per entrant, with entrants forming teams themselves. They are always great fun, and good respite at the end of a heavy week. 
Normally held on a Sunday night they must be arranged by the club in conjunction with the JCR Social Sec, Jad Slomka.

Open-Mic Nights

Whilst only a recent addition to the college calendar, Open-Mic nights have already become a firm favourite within the JCR. Normally occurring a couple of times a term, all members of the JCR are welcome to come and show off their skills, singing, playing music, doing stand-up or anything else you can think of.